INNA for Lucy’s 10 Year Anniversary Issue!

A highly accomplished artist hailing from Romania, boasts an extraordinary international career marked by remarkable achievements. She has amassed an impressive 10 billion views and streams, along with a substantial fan base, counting over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and surpassing 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This achievement stands as a record for a Romanian artist, underscoring the widespread recognition of her extensive repertoire, which includes numerous globally acclaimed hits.

In addition to her remarkable online presence, INNA has solidified her success through an extensive live performance history, having graced the stage in over 1000 concerts. Her influence extends beyond borders, evident in collaborations with prominent artists from both Romania and the international scene. Noteworthy partnerships include J Balvin, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Flo-Rida, Yandel, Alok, Timmy Trumpet, Sofi Tukker, and others. These collaborations further attest to INNA’s standing as a globally renowned artist, contributing to the diversity and richness of her musical portfolio.

Hi lovely INNA! I am extremely excited to have you on the cover of Lucy’s for the 10th anniversary! Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us!
I am super excited to be part of your 10th anniversary! Too many more creative and beautiful years ahead!

You are touching so many people’s hearts with your music. You have 10 Million listeners every month on Spotify, how does that make you feel?
I love music, I love being on stage, I love the unique energy that music has to offer and I also love the special chemistry I have with the fans during a show. I feel grateful and privileged to be able to do this and I want to thank all my fans and all the people who listen to my music and support me. I owe you big time!

Romania has a rich musical heritage. How has your Romanian background influenced your music and style?
I love to sing in the Romanian language, it’s important to stay close to my country in this way as well. I can’t say my music is influenced by my Romanian background, but I work with a lot of Romanian songwriters, producers, and artists. Sometimes, I adapt the Romanian traditional attire in my outfits, in photoshoots and videos.

You’ve had an international career with a global fanbase. How do you think your music resonates with people from different cultures and backgrounds?
My music is joyful, energetic, and optimistic, it speaks about love and friendship and enjoying life to the fullest. So, I believe many people resonate with the energy and messages and that’s why they listen to it.

Collaboration is an essential aspect of the music industry. Could you tell us about some of your favorite collaborations and what you’ve learned from working with other artists?
It’s hard to say which of my collaborations is my favorite because everyone marks a special moment in my career. So, I am super thankful to all the artists who were part of my journey: Flo-Rida, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Yandel, Sean Paul, Pitbull, R3hab, Timmy Trumpet, Alok, Sofi Tukker and a lot of Romanian artists. Forever grateful. And looking forward to many more collaborations.

Live performances are a significant part of an artist’s career. What do you enjoy most about performing on stage, and do you have any memorable concert experiences to share?
I love being on stage together with my band. We have a lot of fun together and I believe people feel our energy. I enjoy how people react to the music, to us together, as I said, it’s a special unique feeling. I have beautiful memories from my tours all over the world: my first time in the USA, in Mexico, in Japan, Canada. And of course, special performances in Europe on stage with a lot of great names from the music industry.

How do you approach the songwriting process? Do you have any rituals or techniques that help you get into a creative mindset?
I just get in the studio with my team – producers and songwriters, we listen to a beat, maybe think of a concept I wanna sing about and we just get in the mood and the magic happens.

Beyond music, are there any other creative pursuits or passions you are currently exploring or would like to pursue in the future?
I focus on music entirely, but Global Records, the label I own and am part of is expanding a lot with a big roster of artists in Romania, Turkey, Poland, Germany, and Bulgaria, a big influencer agency that represents the top influencers in Romania, also launching movies and creating a huge festival in Romania.

What can your fans expect from you shortly? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?
A lot of music, of course. Next year, I will release another Spanish album, but also collaborations.

Lastly, what is your ultimate goal as a musician, and what legacy do you hope to leave in the music industry?
I would like to have a collaboration with big names in the music industry like P!nk, for example, she is fabulous! Also,, David Guetta. I would love to be remembered as an energetic artist who loves music. The queen of the club! or the club rocker!

Source: Lucy’s.

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