Interview with INNA for Sweet + Sour

Your recent visit to Armenia for your electrifying performance was truly memorable. Could you express your thoughts and emotions regarding the trip, and are there any upcoming shows or performances in your schedule?
It was my first performance in Armenia and I was super excited to receive so much love, support and appreciation. It was an amazing feeling and a great change of energy. I cannot wait to be back in Armenia.
For the moment, I don’t have any upcoming shows there, but I hope I will be back soon! Armenia, wait for me!

What was it like collaborating with Tujamo and Azteck on “Freak”? Could you share how the three of you came together and describe the unique contributions each of you made to the track?
Tujamo’s team reached out to my team and proposed the song “Freak” and because it sounded cool and I really liked it, I went to the studio and recorded it. We performed it for the first time at the Neversea Festival, in Romania before it was officially released and the audience loved it! I am super happy about this first collaboration with Tujamo and Azteck. To many more!

You recently released a remix by 22Bullets for “Rock My Body” featuring R3HAB and Sash! What significance does this song hold for you. and how does it fit into your career path
I love this collaboration and also the great feedback we got from our fans! The song is a remake of Sash!’s hit and R3HAB thought of releasing it and invited me to join him.
I am excited about all the love we received for this one from people in our shows and on the radio. It was one of the summer parties favourites and I am extremely grateful for all the support.

Your collaboration with Sean Paul on “Up” was quite notable. How did this opportunity come to be? Are there any other artists you’re eager to team up with in the future?
Firstly, we released this song as a single and then my manager thought that Sean Paul would be a great fit. So, he talked to Sean’s team and sent the song and he loved it and immediately jumped on it. It became massive and I am super grateful about this collaboration. Not to mention the huge support received on TikTok through the #upchallenge!
Regarding other artists I’d be eager to team up with, I would love a collaboration with David Guetta, P!nk or Rosalia.

Are you planning to incorporate your Romanian roots into your next releases, given the current industry trend of embracing diverse cultural influences? How do you anticipate your blend of inspirations will be received by the public?
I’ve always released songs in Romanian as well, some of my fans learned Romanian because of my songs haha. I also have collaborations with Romanian artists. One of my Romanian songs “TU SI EU” was also released in English.
Whenever I feel inspired to bring more of my Romanian roots, I do it. It’s more about a feeling for me than a trend.

Victoria’s Secret showcased their Icon Collection with “VKTM”, a song featuring you, SICKOTOY, and TAG. Did this make you feel iconic? What, in your opinion, defines an icon, and how do you ensure you’re comfortable in your own skin?
It was amazing to have my song included in the Victoria’s Secret campaign. It’s unbelievable! It’s more than a dream! It’s surreal! I will always be grateful for everything that happened in my career.
An icon is someone who inspires through what he/she does and being relevant for the masses. I am comfortable in my skin because I know myself very well, I choose what’s important for me, what makes me happy and I get to do what I love every day: music and spread love through my work to the world.
And I have this unique change of energy with the fans at my shows which makes me even more happy.

Earlier this year you released the album Just Dance. What can you tell us about the record, and can you provide any insights into your current projects in the works?
It’s already a tradition to end the year with a Dance Queen’s House session which means 16 days, a lot of music, friends, colleagues, producers and songwriters from Global Records I’m sharing my passion for music with, a lot of surprises and 8 episodes on my Youtube channel with the entire experience. And of course, a new album with the songs produced and writtenin DQH. I’m happy I can do what I love and that I get to release an album every year. “Just Dance” is an album with anatypical, uptempo, energetic, bold sound, my fans enjoyed it and I was super thrilled about this new direction.
I’m working on new music, I will release an other Spanish album soon written entirely by me, just like the previous one “YO”. I am super excited and I cannot wait for this one to be released!

Source: Sweet + Sour.

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